So what is HomeJab all about?

HomeJab is a user-generated video site created by a community of people who all have one thing in common, their love of beautiful real estate!  On HomeJab, anyone can post/upload videos of real estate, watch videos that other users have uploaded, and contact real estate agents who are listing properties for sale or rent nationwide…completely free of charge!


What makes HomeJab different than other real estate sites?

We are a free, user-generated real estate site that acts as a video search engine for sellers listing homes with a video, and we do not show MLS info.  We are completely free and do not charge our members for leads or to be shown on their own listings…it’s YOUR listing!


What is the cost?

HomeJab is completely free of charge!  HomeJab won’t charge you anything to upload or watch as many videos as you like.  It is also free of charge to contact or send a personal message to anyone in our community.

If you need a video and would like a  professional to film it for you, we have a network of talented filmmakers that can make your vision a reality.  Click here to search for a local professional near you!  Pricing to film your home will vary depending on the filmmaker.


How do I upload a video?

First, sign up to HomeJab by clicking here and then proceed to ‘My HomeJab’ or ‘Upload Video’.

There are 2 ways to upload your real estate video:

1.  Upload a video file directly from your computer.  Select a video file in .mp4 format and under 100mb.  If you do not have an .mp4 file or cannot compress the video under 100mb, contact us or see #2 below…

2.  Copy & Paste a URL from YouTube or Vimeo.  Click here for more information.


My video is not working!

Don’t panic, it’s probably just a one time glitch.  Try deleting the post and uploading again.  If it doesn’t work the second time, please contact us.



Why should I tag other users in my video?

When you upload a video to HomeJab, you will have a chance to tag other users associated with that specific piece of real estate; including the filmmaker, builder, owner, co-listing agent, and listing agent.

lets-work-togetherIf you are a filmmaker uploading a video, then you should add a “listed by” tag for the real estate agent or owner who is responsible for selling the home.  This way, buyers can get more information on the property by contacting the agent/seller directly.

If you are a real estate agent or homeowner, you should add a “filmed by” tag so the videographer gets credit and possibly hired by someone else in the community. If you know who built the home, you can add a “built by” tag.

If the person is not a member of our site, you can invite them on the upload video page and an email will be sent out to them.  You can always edit the tags later once they sign up.


How do I edit or delete my video?

Log in to HomeJab and click the tab “Manage Videos”.  Click the video you would like to edit or delete.


Who owns the video?

The video’s owner is typically the person who paid for it.  HomeJab is a free user generated website and we do not own or control any of the content.  For more information, please read our terms & conditions.


I bought this home.  Can you take the video down?

Yes, please contact us.  HomeJab also allows for address & price to be hidden if the seller wishes to make the video more private while keeping their video up after it has sold.


I am the new listing agent for this property.  Can you tag me in the video?

If you do not own the video, then we cannot tag you in it.  We will delete the current listing from our website and you can upload a new video.


When did HomeJab launch?

We began as local real estate video production company in January 2013.  In April 2014, we launched our current website.